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       Newland Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, an important amoxicillin side-chain -- PHPG Base manufacturer in the world, is located in the development area in Changge City, Henan Province, which was founded in September 2005 . Newland Pharma is engaged in the R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, and is one of the participants to establish industry standards of PHPG Base, PTSA and PHPG Methyl Ester.

       Newland Pharma has dozens of core technology patents,one of which has obtained patents in 8 countries including the United States, UK, Japan and India. The company has been adhering to green development and high-quality development: ranking first in the pharmaceutical industry in 17 industries’ green development survey and evaluation of Henan Province in the second half of 2019; holding a double prevention on-site observation meeting (Henan Province) in 2020 and obtaining A-level enterprise under Heavy-polluting Weather in key Industries (Henan Province 2021) .

       Newland Pharma has won a series of honors and certificates, such as Henan Professional, Skillful, Specialized and Innovative Enterprise, Henan Scientific and Technological Innovation Role Model Enterprise, Energy-saving and Emission-reducing Role Model Enterprise, Henan Intellectual Property Model Enterprise and so on.

       Henan Newland Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in central China. It enjoys superior geographical convenience, good investment environment and abundant resources, with short distance to Xuchang --- an ancient capital city, and Zhengzhou --- the provincial capital. Moreover, with highways and High-speed Railways across the city, the company has easy and fast access to the main cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and so on.